Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Complete Randomness

Today I'm sick....

Seriously I'd love to write something beautiful and inspiring, filled with love or anger or any other emotion for that matter, but all I want to do is climb into bed with a nice hot cup of tea and will my body to stop aching.
Everything's kind of swimming around in my head right now, and I'm having a hard time getting all my thoughts from the last week organized into one coherent thought. And so randomness.

Part 1
I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and share Austin's birth story. This little boy that has changed and shaped me, continues to inspire me every day. I'm a better mommy.... a better friend.... a better person.... all because of him. We ARE shattering stereotypes people, by reading and sharing and loving we are making a difference. We are taking steps to raise our children in a world where ALL differences are welcomed and celebrated. I'm so proud to be on this journey with you.

Part 2
All across the country people are looking out their window at a flurry of white. Roads are closing, supplies are stowed, kids prepare for school days, and mommies prepare for cabin fever. It's cold and it's icy and it's....... totally not happening here. "Is this the part where I say na-na-na-na-boo-boo?" Today the weather was warm and balmy and as I sat on my front stoop soaking in all the greatness that a southern sunset brings I couldn't help but sigh and think...

"Florida...I <3 you"

Part 3
Those of you that have read my blog before know that photography is not my greatest skill. I'm much better on my keyboard then with my Canon. Practice makes perfect they say so when a mommy on my birth board suggested Project 365 I jumped at the opportunity. Well not really jumped. More like stretched my big toe out to cross the "I'm in line." So from now on Sundays will be my WEEK IN REVIEW post, which will feature one picture from each day of the week. I hope. You can check out my blogging buddies anytime to see their daily photographic entries. Blog please welcome Sarah, JessiAmanda, Rachel, Andrea, Ashley, and Nicole their babies have "vanilla chromosomes" and all share a birth month with my littlest A.

***Disclaimer-The term Vanilla Chromosomes came from a brilliant mommy from my Down Syndrome support board. ***

This is a sneak peak from my "session" today with Analeigh Rose. Ohhhh be still my heart!!!

Part 4
Occasionally I use this space to complain about life. It's my outlet and my therapy. Today is not one of those days. Today as I sit and type these words I'm saying to anyone that will listen. I am lucky. So lucky. To be where I am today. Safe in this house with all of that I love tucked into sleep in beds that I make. Tonight two babies that I love sleep in cribs in cold hospital rooms, the steady cadence of monitors their lullabies, as their little bodies fight a serious case of RSV. Their mommy and daddy are counting the minutes until they get to bring them home. Please think of them tonight.
Almost done guys,  my bottle of Nyquil is whispering sweet nothings in my ear, but before I go one more favor. I have been very inspired and comforted since Austin's diagnoses by other mommies who walk the same path as I. One of those mommies is Sheva talented author of My Shtub and she is battling an illness today. In her faith when someone is ill you make an offering to charity in their name. Anything will do, a penny, an old pair of shoes, your time.  I know that times today are very hard, but if you can please think of my friend Sheva, and give so that she might make a full recovery and continue to inspire us all.


  1. I just love reading your blog, so glad I found it because of our 365 project :) You write beautifully and remind me to count my beautiful blessings so thank you! Feel better mama!

  2. that picture is a.may.zing! :o) i love that i can see your toes!

    i am completely jealous of your balmy sunset. i had gusty wind and snow showers. boo!

  3. As I sit here every day reading your posts, even though you don't write everyday I re-read them. This one makes me sister-sick if that could even be called a word, for you. I miss you all so much. I wish I could just pick up and come stay with you. We could have a sick day even if we aren't sick. Just lying in Bed with all the babies, and if we have to your husband. Reading your words makes me green as an emerald with envy. You are a great writer, Such an Inspirational person, and so many other things. I love you so much. I hope you feel better love.. Kisses! xoxo

  4. Get Well Sweetie...Baby girls are doing better today...Thanks for thinking of them....Love you

  5. Saying a little pray for your friend...hope you feel better! I wish I wrote so gracefully as you. Looking forward to seeing your photos, it is so fun to capture sweet memories through a camera!

  6. Praying for Sheva too. Hope you feel better :).
    We might not get snow in SFl, but we do get those awful colds.