Friday, July 29, 2011


I thought I could be eloquent today. It's been so long since I wrote and there's so much to say, but it turns out today's not a day to worry about grammar and spelling or how well my words flow on the page. I just want to post pictures of my adorable baby and his kick butt circus themed party!!

Yesterday we celebrated a birth.

His Daddy is hairy to;)

(We have a stander folks!!)
One year of sweet Austin.

What do you do when a year has been both the longest and the shortest of your life?

 Go a little crazy maybe? Throw a party you say? Eat to much candy? Run away and join the circus?

Well we did a little of all of those.

We cut and glued and taped and decorated until it was just the right amount overly done, which is exactly how we like it here in the Harrison household.


Or in this case over the "Big Top"

I even got to be the "bearded lady" I think it's a good look. Don't you?

One year ago Austin was born, and in our naivity he was not celebrated as he should have been.

On this day we did it right.

Happy birthday my sweet little ringmaster.

My birthday wish for you is that you're celebrated every day for the rest of your life

The following pictures were taken by Lisa Lotter of if you're local please check her out she is
This was supposed to be a Ringmasters Jacket in case you couldn't tell;)

Party credits:
Circus Photo Booth and Props-Walmart and Family Dollar- made by us!!
Popcorn cupcakes-white cupcakes frosted white-slit white marshmellows with an x, stick on, and spray with watered down yellow food coloring-made by us!!
 Fruit Bouguet-Edible Arrangements

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful Boy

One year....

I don't know how to write this post....

So much to say and not enough time today, so I will write what I can for now.

You see one year ago as I waited to meet my boy I couldn't begin to imagine where life was about to take us. I couldn't imagine that I would soon hold my baby and feel so broken. I couldn't imagine the tears I would shed or the heartache I would feel.I couldn't imagine Down Syndrome.

I didn't know how to heal myself, but Austin did.

When I didn't think I was capable, he showed me that I was. When I cried, he smiled, and slowly the hurt was gone.

Down Syndrome was gone.

Oh that extra chromosome is still there, poking it's head up at the most inopportune times, reminding us that yeah we still do have to worry about some things that others don't.

But the Down Syndrome is gone.....or at least we don't see it.

One year ago today we mourned what we thought we lost......since then we've healed.

Today we celebrate!!!!

and tomorrow I will write a much better much longer post;)