Monday, September 5, 2011


I just snugged four sweet angels into bed.

I want to describe them here. Lock this moment into place with words so I can come back and read it again when we're old a grey.

There's something about the way children look at you, with eyes that sparkle and shine. Eyes that when you see yourself reflecting back you feel like you're capable of anything.

Two sets of blue green eyes swirl like the ocean, changing every day. Eyes like great big drops of chocolate, that melt your heart. Little starburst eyes that smile at you, so that you think he must know a great secret.

I love those eyes.

But there's also something magical about bedtime.

I wonder someday if my body will remember what it feels like to carry a sleeping baby to bed? Will I feel Austin's weight nestled to my chest long after he's grown, the way his body molds to mine. Will I hear Alli's sleepy sighs in my dreams? The ones when I know she's fighting sleep, but she HAS to see this episode of Shake it Up. Will I remember the way I could never snugg Aidann tight enough, and that he gives the best bear hugs, the kind when you think if he squeezes you any tighter you might pop? Will I want to remember how many times we have to take Analeigh back to bed each night? How many times I've thought I would run out of patience only to find that her tiny little voice, and little brown curls can make me forget everything.

I want to remember them now. Just as they are. Four sweet little kiddos all tucked away into beds, because I know as all Mommies do, that these moments are precious and fleeting, and not to be taken for granted.

So I'll breathe it in... and soak it up....and remind myself to hug harder and snugg tighter for this brief time that they are mine.

It's heady stuff I tell ya.