Sunday, January 2, 2011


It has been nearly two weeks since I sat at my computer and typed. I have found that though writing about life brings me such joy, sometimes it's best to back away from the desk and just live. The holidays I think, are one of those times.

And so we did. We backed away from the desk and we got caught up in living, and I added a few moments to the "always remember file" I keep locked away in my brain. Like the way Analeigh says "Happy Kriffmis," and how this was the year that my almost grown but not quite Alli asked for an I-Pod and a American Girl Doll.  Like how we broke tradition and skipped Candle Light Service at Church this year, but there has never been a Silent Night so sweet as the one sung a cappella in front of our fire place. Then as we counted down the clock to greet the New Year I thought back on all those moments this year has given me.

This year gave me a first and a second grader.

This year gave me a two year old.
This year gave me crashing waves and laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.

 This year gave me perfection. Two girls and a boy and another on the way.
 This wonderful soul searing year gave me Austin, and for a time my world was shaken, and I knew my life would never be the same.
 This year gave me this moment. The moment that the man that holds my heart holds our son and nothing else matters.
This might be my favorite picture ever. It was taken right after the Doctor came.
This year changed me. Like clay on a potters wheel it stretched me and shaped me.

This year gave me perfection. Two girls and two boys. It's not glossy and neat, it's not glamorous or magazine worthy, it's not predictable, and because of that it is. It's life and it's real and it's mine and it's perfect for me.

This year gave me this blog. Thank you all so much for reading.


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