Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Grown Up Playdate

Let me start by saying I love my children. Though anyone who reads my blog should be able to tell that I live and breathe them, what I'm about to say might be best interpreted after reading the above statement.

I love my children, and I love being Mommy, but occasionally I need to be something else. I need to be wife. I need to be Julia, and sometimes I need to be reminded.

In November my hubby and I were scheduled to head out to Vegas for a three day two night mini vacation. I was excited. We've always taken a trip in the fall, usually for a whole week, but the night before my excitement turned to anxiety. It seems as though since we had Austin I've held my breath. Waiting for the proverbial other foot to drop. Would something happen well we were away? So a mere eight hours before our departure, my amazingly understanding husband canceled our flight and our room at the Bilagio without a single protest. I've spent lots of time since then feeling guilty. I know that this man has struggled to. He received the same news as I. His veiw of perfection has been changed just like mine. He needs me now more than ever as his partner, not just the mother of his babies.

And so we had a date. A beautiful birthday date. Just far enough from home to make it exciting and just close enough to keep me at ease.
And I'm reminded of how important this is. The romance and closeness, and the good feeling that you get when you work at something, because all good things are worth working for. Even if working means leaving the centers of your universe at home.

So this is me... today not posting as Mommy of Alli, Aidann, Analeigh, and Austin....

But as Julia, wife to Ken.

Happy Birthday baby.

Here's to another 32 together.

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