Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Randomness and Run On Sentences

Have you ever had one of those days where you go to call the doctor and then on the way there you trip over some shoes so you go to put the shoes away and then realize you are forgot to switch the clothes into the dryer so you have to wash them because they smell but your out of detergent so you have to run to the store and then in the store you remember you need formula so you grab it and check out and then load all the kiddos in the car and head for home, and then realize you forgot the damn detergent and the Doctors office just closed?

Dizzy yet? Cause I am.

There is so much to do during this time of year, I feel like my whole month could be described with one really long run on sentence. No punctuation no paragraph breaks just words on a page going on and on and on....

But there's been some really good stuff this month.

Cookie baking marathon. There's nothing quite so amazing as watching your babies grow up. I watched my two first born stir and bake and chop and I remembered the first time we did this. Oh how much they've grown. Soon they'll think they're to big for this kind of forced family fun . For now I'm cherishing these moments of floured faces and stolen bites of dough, hoping they don't grow up to leave me, and praying that when and if they do God will give me the strength to let them.

Gingerbread houses Boys V Girls- Yes my friends we are having a Friendly competition. No rules..... just gingerbread houses and the way-over-the-top-ness that makes my family so much fun. And we're off......

The girls are out of the gates ahead when Alli comes up with Rice Crispie Treat Mnt......but rapidly fall back when they realize that 2 boxes of Rice Crispies  really only makes a hill and its not nearly as awe inspiring as they had hoped. Now the boys with their slow start have started to gain momentum, and are proving to be serious contenders with their realistic Christmas lights, and whats that I see in their secret ingredient stash? Gold Sugar?

So who will win? Will the Alli get too confident.....Will Analeigh Rose get hungry and decide that Mr. Marshmallow Man doesn't really need to live on Rice Crispie Hill....What if Aidann decides that Daddy was right and that every house should have a pile of yellow snow?

Stay tuned to find out.

And somewhere amidst the chaos of hanging and rehanging lights, cookies and ginger bread, doctors and therapy sessions, my Designer Gened Angel has learned his first sign. Can you guess what it was?


I never thought the site of chubby little hands could take my breathe away, that a simple thumb to chin with tiny splayed fingers, might mean more to me than 1000 presents under our tree. This time last year my Austin was barely a plus sign on a white stick. Today he is here. He is here, and he is so much more than I thought he would be. He is here, and our family is so much more than I thought we could be.

Happy Countdown to Christmas!!!!

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