Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Princess and the Pee

No that's not a typo. I really said Pee.

You see here in the Harrison house we are not above bribery and for the last few months we've been promising Analiegh Rose a trip to "The Princess House" when she got potty trained.

And so a few days ago we put on our best princess clothes, and headed to Disney.

My oldest two have been a few times and honestly because we live so close The Magic Kingdom has lost some of its magic. I'd forgotten what it felt like to take a little one. The sparkle in their little eyes. The way they squeeze your hand oh so tightly. The gasp when they first step through the gates onto Main Street and see what lies ahead.

Taking Analiegh brought all back.

At first she was quiet. (No small feat for my tiny chatterbox) She sat on her Daddy's shoulders and just stared.

Where does the time go? Soon we'll be celebrating three, and it just doesn't seem possible. As we rode the carousel round and round I felt so very aware of it all. The ticking of the clock. The round and round of the carousel as a Nana looked on. I wondered if someday an older wiser me will be here again with a little brown eyed child so very much like mine.

The look on her face as we rode a tiny boat past 100s of singing dolls. She soaked it all in, and I got the play by play. "Look Mommy look, dere swingin, OOOh a boat a boat, Oh look I saw that dollies panties."

You know everyone hates that ride but me. I love it. I must be broken.

I seriously thought my heart could take no more.......and then we had lunch IN THE PALACE.

My little talker found her lost voice in Cinderella's Castle. She chatted with each princess like they were long lost friends, and when Ariel asked her if she had I prince, my sweet baby girl replied, "My Daddy's a prince."

Yes, sweet baby he is. We're so lucky to have him as our Daddy.

This day was one of those days you dream about. The kind you plan before you have babies that so rarely come true, and it's tucked away the memory bank to never be forgotten.


  1. What a cutie! I'm so glad you had a magical day! I felt that way when we took Lizzy to the American Girl store. I love the "My daddy is a prince." Take care.

  2. She melts my heart. She is a doll and it was very sweet of her to say her dad is her prince. Not to fast forward but the guy she ever marries better be like her prince daddy!

  3. Haha I love this post! Not only does she have a daddy for a prince but she has her cousin Peyton Prince, and Her Uncle Josh Prince. Love her and love you!

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